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Our experienced instructors absolutely love training and teaching. 

We are proud of our team’s diverse knowledge base, which includes puppy socialization and development, good manners and obedience, K9 detection, K9 tracking/trailing and area search. 

 Our team includes two professional dog trainers, and collectively we have over 3 decades of experience of training and working with the dogs.

K9 Trailing, K9 Nosework


I am a passionate student of all aspects of canine behavior but art and science of a dog nose is a very special discipline for me. I started my journey in trailing and area search 10 years ago and was immediately blown away by amazing abilities of a dog nose. I became a GAK9 trainer in 2015 and has been working for GAK9 dog training school (USA) till 2019. Currently I teach pet owners and their dogs trailing and nosework classes and enjoy helping dogs develop their natural scenting abilities and build self-confidence  through their work. 

K9 Nosework


Dog training has been a subject very close to my heart for 20 years, gradually growing from a hobby to a profession.

Over time my interests in the field of K9 work have changed from dog sports and search and rescue dog training to police service dog detection training and K9 scent line-up procedures for Latvian police laboratory of odorology.

I am fascinated by the all kind of working dogs and their place in people's life. For the last years my main focus in dog training was mostly helping dog owners to solve dog behavioral problems. 

Closeup of a Black Dog
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