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​1. Trailing dog makes a find by following the scent trail of a specific person. Usually the dog is presented with an article containing the scent of a "missing person" and repeats a route the person has walked. SAR dog is looking for any person located within the defined area of search and uses an air-scent (human scent in the air moved by wind). SAR dog also has an established ID signal - the specific behavior (for example, barking) that shows human handler that the "missing person" is located.

2. Trailing dog usually wears a harness and works on a long leash (10 meters). SAR dog usually wears a bright signal vest and works off-leash. As the SAR dog works off-leash, GPS tracking device is highly recommended (if you do not have it yet you can use ours during the training). 

3. Though we recommend obedience training for any dog, a trailing dog does not require a formal obedience as he works on a leash. SAR dog works off-leash, so at least some obedience is required, for example the dog needs to come to handler when called. Do not have a stable recall just yet? Do not worry, we can help!

4. K9 trailing training is a low impact activity. It is gentle on the dog's joints and usually is accessible to dogs with mild to moderate hip or elbow dysplasia and similar orthopedic conditions*. K9 SAR training is a moderate to high impact activity and requires a good physical condition of a dog. 

* some dogs may require a consultation with veterinarian before enrollment to the class

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