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Bringing your new puppy home has to be one of the most exciting days ever!

But then the hard work starts and we all know that in order to raise a healthy, confident and well behaved puppy human guardian needs to put a lot of time, effort, patience and knowledge. Well, this is hard enough even with unlimited free time, never mind if you’re trying to work from home or, even worse, if you are working full business hours at the office. 


Well, there is the answer.

​We, OKAMI puppy Preschool, can take care of this for you. We will remove the pressure so you are able to get on with your daily working life while your puppy is being well cared for, entertained and socialized!

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A puppy preschool is a canine daycare very similar to a children daycare with both facilities sharing the same philosophy. Busy humans across the world increasingly often trust preschools to look after their four legged babies so they can go to work knowing that their puppies receive all the attention and exercise needed.


Every puppy that walks through our door is treated as our family. It is our pleasure to provide your puppy with love and care, ensuring that a happy, healthy, tired puppy will come back home at the end of the day. You can go away and perform your important human tasks knowing that your four legged baby is fed, walked, has met his playmates, had a lot of fun and discovered a bunch of new things.


OKAMI preschool

  • Ensures physical and mental development through different activities in a stimulating and safe environment

  • Provides gentle and age-appropriate socialization that gives your puppy a positive experience with new people, places, sights and sounds

  • Provides a healthy structure of walks, feedings, playtime sessions and naps 

  • Supports learning of pack behavior through supervised games with friendly canine playmates

  • Helps to reduce anxiety and destructive behaviors through consistent activity and exercise

  • Introduces fun and stress free foundation for basic obedience

  • Ensures wellness checks and continued monitoring throughout the day

  • Provides updates, personalized feedback and advice

  • Allows early flagging of unwanted behavioral issues before they became a serious problem

  • And more importantly - Provides a lot of hugs and pets from our loving staff 



We welcome puppies of all breeds and sizes, but there are a few things we do require for the safety and wellbeing of all of our guests. 

  • All puppies using our preschool must be properly vaccinated. A veterinarian passport showing current vaccinations is required prior to your puppy’s arrival.

  • All puppies residing in Latvia have to be registered according to Latvian Law.

  • All puppies must be in generally good health.  If your dog is showing signs of infectious disease (runny nose/eyes, cough, diarrhea, etc.) please leave him at home until full recovery. Read more about our health requirements 

  • All puppies have to be dewormed according to the age and vaccination schedule and treated against ectoparasites. Read more about our health requirements

  • All Okami puppy preschool paperwork  must be finished or/and updated to reflect the current situation.

  • Female puppies in heat cannot be admitted as some male puppies show sexual interest/reach sexual maturity at a very young age.

  • All the puppies must go through initial evaluation by our staff member and the puppy owner must take part in the initial interview. Book your free evaluation/interview here


  • even though all feasible precautions are taken, because your puppy is spending time with other pups, he is at greater risk for contracting communicative viruses/infections/parasites (“kennel cough,” other respiratory viruses, eye infections, fleas, etc.)​

  • We reserve the right to refuse admittance of any puppy if we deem the puppy unsuitable for the environment in which he will be placed.

To schedule your puppy for initial evaluation/consultation, head to the link.


Each puppy is unique and no one size fits all. Some puppies thrive in a preschool from day one while others need some time and effort before they become socialized enough to enjoy a new situation. If your puppy was never left in the care of a person other than a family member, he might need more time for adjustment. We recommend that the puppy's first visits to OKAMI puppy preschool take 1-2 hours, not a whole day. During these visits our staff will work to help your puppy feel more comfortable in a new routine. 

That being said, puppy preschool is also not right for every puppy. Please feel free to talk to us about your puppy and whether or not our preschool is the right choice for you both.


Puppy preschool is NOT a substitute for training with their human guardian! It is highly recommended that you consider at least basic obedience class participation so you and your dog could learn together and build healthy relationships.


  • Well-fitting collar  

  • Food (pre-measured in an easy-to-use container or ziplock bag)

  • Vitamins or medicine if necessary (and written instructions on how to use) 

  • Up-to-date care instructions 

  • Pee pads for toilet training (if you are using these at home)

  • Treats for training rewards and snack time

  • Bed, crate and/or favorite mattress/blanket for nap time (optional, will be provided by us if necessary)​


​We are flexible and ready to take care of your pup for a day or even for a couple of hours but if you consider making Okami preschool a regular treat for your pup check out our discounted plans.


Along with our regular preschool activities we offer the following additional services 

  • K9 Nosework training while at preschool 

  • Veterinary care while at preschool (Coming soon)

  • Obedience training while at preschool (Coming soon)

  • Behavior consulting (Coming soon)  

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